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Online Andar Bahar Overview

Nowadays, when you have so many opportunities to play casino games online and also can have a chance to win cash, I am sure you would like to join my Indian Casino Train with a lot of bonuses and offers.

But are you already skilled to play these games? Wonderful, if you are! But, if you are a new or aspiring casino player, don’t worry! Because now you can start your casino gaming journey with the simplest ever game – Online Andar Bahar – a game almost every passionate player can play, even if he is completely new to this world.

However, I believe most of the gaming lovers would have played Andar Bahar in the childhood days itself or during college days. In face-to-face gaming, it requires the non-player or dealer into divide the cards in two slots, out of which the player needs to choose one of the slots, followed by dealer cutting out a card.

Then the player needs to make a bet on a card of the same value from either of the slots and if the player chooses correctly, the bet gets doubled.

The ease of playing this game has been its greatest strength and the reason behind its ever-growing popularity in the online casino industry. It amazingly offers you a great opportunity to win over 1 lakh in one game.  Also, the game is readily available for phone gaming across various platforms.

Here I have come up with a detailed review of Online Andar Bahar after having analyzed, experienced and explored various online gaming and gambling platforms.

This review will not only provide you insights into the game, but also unveil the basics and strategies for the game to win great rewards.

Win for your Passion & Skills to Play Online Andar Bahar For Real Cash

The simplicity of the game allows us to play anywhere, but in this age of web communications, personal life engagements and professional responsibilities, we often don’t get to spend much time with our friends, or in some cases, our friends are miles away in different cities.

Hence have arrived the age of Online Gaming, and Andar Bahar is one of the most played games in India. Especially, online gambling in India revolves a lot around Andar Bahar.

So, join my Casino Train to explore this world, learn and win bonuses with me.

It’s the greatest of opportunities to be able to experience entertaining online Andar Bahar in your comfort zone at your home or leisure space, during office breaks, during long office travel hours, or on the weekends without any plans.

This can be your amazing companion throughout the working days as well as holidays, or travel journeys. And that too with the possibilities of winning cash just via your PC, mobile or any computing device. The game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

All you need to play Online Andar Bahar for real cash is to have Visa/MasterCard or accounts with international payment platforms and have proof of your identity and address.

However, you can start playing without money and just sincerely playing for about 15 – 20 minutes can make you an expert in the game.

How to Play Online Andar Bahar like an Expert?

Andar Bahar is no mathematics, it only requires your practice to be vigilant while playing, know about the cards and believe in your good luck. The game comes with 50% chances of winning.

The players are required to choose from two sets of the card, Andar – the left side set or Bahar – the right side set. The game is about predicting which set have the card having the same number as the chosen card. If you predict right, you win!

Basics of Andar Bahar:

The simplest Online Gambling Game – Andar Bahar also has some very simple method to follow, which if you really understand can help you in winning, as follows:

  1. The two sets will be cut to reveal a card, which players are allowed to see.
  2. The cards will be visible to the players, when the dealer will be dealing with them.
  3. Then players are required to place a bet on one of the sets, which according to them, have the same value card as the shown card.
  4. Cards are then dealt in Andar and Bahar sets. Here if the first card comes as a Black Suit, the dealing with starts from Andar, while if the first card comes as Red Card, it will start from Bahar.
  5. If there happens additional betting, then 2 cards from each set will be dealt and players will be required to have their final bets.
  6. If the identical value card to the shown one is dealt to any of the sets, the betting round will come to an end.
  7. If you would have placed your bet on the right set – Andar or Bahar, you will win.

Rules to Know & Follow:

This simple game doesn’t really have any scientific rules or mathematics formulas to learn, but only the basics to understand. You only need to understand that it has two sets of cards ‘Andar’, the left betting spot, and ‘Bahar’, the right betting spot.

Online Andar Bahar allows you to start betting with a very minimal amount of just INR 10, while the maximum bet amount can go up to INR 10,000. Also, it offers you to choose the casino table of your choice and betting limit preferences.

In the game, once the lead card is shown to you, you’ll be asked to place your bets, and you will only have a few seconds to choose between Andar or Bahar. Some gaming sites also allow additional side bets.

The side bets can be about predicting the lead cards suit, or whether the card will be below or above a certain value. The game will inform you will it will offer you to do additional bets or not.

To place the bets, you are required to click on the relevant chip amount shown on the screen, followed by clicking on the card.

Where to Play Online Andar Bahar?

Today, many online casinos offer Andar Bahar Game because of its popularity and simplicity. Hence, you would be offered numerous opportunities across many platforms to play this amazing meant-to-win game. In fact, there are some gaming websites only based on Andar Bahar game, and most of these sites offer additional betting options.

Based on my personal experience and analysis, I suggest you to join my Indian Casino Train and play Andar Bahar online on these websites:

  1. 10 CRIC
  2. Pure Casino
  3. Jeetwin
  4. 1XBet
  5. Showlion
  6. Dafabet
  7. Betwinner
  8. Bodog

These sites offer integrated safety measures and follow regulations of the industry. Also, you will be welcomed with amazing bonuses and continuous offers & promotions to play the game, which provides you with numerous chances of winning, while improving your abilities to play the game. You can also start with free gaming to learn and improvise.

These websites offer many international currencies, while some also offer Indian Currency for the transactions, saving your cost of conversion. Also, you get many options for payment gateways like bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and other international eWallets.

Just have a good internet connection and play anytime, anywhere from your mobile or PCs. Register yourself with your identity proofs and bank account details, and start playing.

Strategies to Win & Rule Online Andar Bahar

Although the Online Andar Bahar game doesn’t really have a strategy to follow, but being vigilant and observant of the game can really help you master the game. You can start playing without money to practice, and start paying for money once you are confident about the game.

Players usually believe that it’s a luck centric game, but I believe it is more than that. Andar Bahar, like other poker games, does have a role of luck, but what leads the game is your senses and intuitions.

Once you have become habitual to the game, have almost drank is methods and procedures, and are watchful to the game, nothing can barricade you from creating a fortunate journey of online playing and gambling.

Legality Associated with Online Andar Bahar Casinos

So far, there are neither any specific laws supporting online gambling in India, nor against it. There’re are few loop-holes in the laws meant for online gambling, and the platforms offering these games are making most of these loop-holes.

Hence, so far your money and gaming is safe and not illegal in Andar Bahar casinos. Besides, there are uncountable other players who are also playing it.

The laws defined by the Supreme Court of India have legalized playing games of skill such as Poker, Rummy, etc. Andar Bahar is a game of chance, but still there are no laws stating ban on the games of chance, or anything calling them illegal either.

So, you’ve already done reading all you should know! Now you can explore all the sites I have mentioned above, play on the sites you like and make the most of the winning opportunities with Andar Bahar game.

Where can you play Andar Bahar Online for real money:

Pure Casino
Wildz Casino
LeoVegas Casino
10Cric Casino
Royal Panda Casino
Casoola Casino
ComeOn Casino
Playzee Casino
Genesis Casino
NYspins Casino
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