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All Casino Free Spins – Indian Free Spins Toplist 2021

You might have seen at the casino bonus section of my website where I keep a list with the top bonus offered in sites available for the Indian players. I have also found the most generous Free Spins in India 2021. 


Playing in an online casino for free is the dream experience for every gambler out there, isn’t it? That’s, of course, if you can actually benefit from the funds you are winning. After all, it’s fascinating to go to the most entertaining slots and enjoy a few hours of spins, but the real thrill is when you hit a big combination and immediately realize that will benefit your bank account. 


The casino industry is growing rapidly. Many casinos are competing for the pool of potential players in India and around the world. That being said, casinos are constantly striving to attract players with enormous bonuses and promotions. As we already mentioned, there is not a better thing to enjoy your favorite slots while playing with the casino money. Hence, without the need to put your own funds on the line. The difference comes from the fact that if you experience any of these big wins you dream of, you can actually pocket the funds.


Another significant benefit of these attractive promotions that the casinos are offering is that you can actually try the different slot selections of the casino and see from experience if the gameplay, design of the site, or even the vibe of the casino are fitting well into your gambling tastes. 



All of that being said, it can prove to be a bit hard for you to go on a search to find the best available bonuses. Don’t worry about that because I’m here to help you with this task.


By now, you should be aware of all the basics plus some excellent tips of online casino India entertainment! And here we will see our last stop before our train journey reaches its end.

I have prepared and will keep refreshing a Toplist with the Best Online Casino Free Spins in India, and all you have to do to claim your Free Spins is to pick an Online Casino from my Toplist, sign up and get your Free Spins welcome bonus today!

Which should I choose or, what is the next step? You may ask yourself, well, the next step is to read my reviews on each site I have listed. I guarantee you it will help choose the right fit for you, whether you are on your computer or mobile, sounds positively easy and I assure you it is! Let me guide you through everything. 

The Indian online casino bonus available across different websites will not always be the same. The most popular rewards are the online casino free spins. Here I will teach you everything you need to know about these free spins and how they work. That way you can take advantage of them.

Online casinos can offer free spins for almost every online video slot. Keep an eye on the restrictions on the Free Spins. Free Spins can be fun but do not expect much out of them as sometimes the winnings can be low but rewarding. 

Freespins is how a casino shows its loyalty to its customers. Freespins are very popular with players. The reason is that you have them on your favorite slots. Some of these Freespins have wagering requirements, while others don't have any wagering requirement and, you win actual cash. 

Mr. Saiyaan
Mr. Saiyaan

Casino Expert

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What Are Casino Free Spins?

If you have been reading across my site, you might remember I did mention free spins before. My dear reader and fellow gambler, here it is where we are going in-depth with free spins so you can fully understand every aspect of them for your benefit! That way, you can start using them today!

Casino free spins are best understood if we view them from the perspective of video slots machines. Video slots are online casino games in which you bet a certain amount on the outcome of the spin of slot reels.

These reels feature different symbols depending on the theme of the slot, each valued differently. Therefore in an easier way to explain Free spins, they are basically like playing for “free” for some slots rounds but with the same or even higher chance of collecting a juicy profit.

Depending on the amount you wager and the symbols that form the winning combination, you can win incredible jackpots. However, if the spin does not come up with the right symbols lined on the paylines, you will have to hit the Spin button again with a new wager.

The betting range depends on the slot and can go from ₹1 to ₹1,000 easily, and even more. Naturally, the more you wager, the bigger the potential reward.

Of course, you alone control the betting amount by choosing the size of the coin and the number of coins you want to bet. But wouldn’t it be great if you could give an online casino and its slots a test run and see what they are all about? This is where free spins come into play.

With their free spins bonuses, online casinos offer you a chance to test their slots and spin the reels without any risk to your coin purse.

A free spin is a free trial of a subscription to your favorite sites or streaming services like Netflix. For example, you try it out for free for some time, and if you like it, you start using your money to keep viewing something similar happens with free spins, this is just one of the benefits you can find at a online casino.

It is quite easy to grasp the objective and uses of free spins casino, and quite accessible to obtain, but here we will go in depth with all you should know about this option.

The number of free spins differs from one online casino to the next, but that number rarely goes below 10. There are even some instances in which casinos give more than 100 spins.

Most free spins 2021 that I am bringing here are generous in both number and value, and I will keep an eye if these changes since I am regularly playing and testing each site. I recommend this to keep you posted with the latest options for free spins India!

The value of the free spins is fixed, and so is the list of video slots on which you can use them. Also, there are a couple of more restrictions that go hand in hand with free spins, but more about that in subsequent paragraphs. Let's continue reading to learn everything about casino free spins promotion and take advantage of them.

We can take a look at the types of free spins and how you can claim them. They may appear alike, but they have their own set of rules and differences so let's learn how the casino free spins works!

Types of Free Spins Bonuses and How They Work

There are two main types of free spins bonuses we see in casinos: no deposit and deposit free spins bonuses. Despite they may look or even sound like the same thing, these casino bonus formats have their remarkable differences from how to acquire them, limitations, and eligibility for usage.

Let's read more about the main aspects and features of these free spins bonus promotions and try to make them as simple and clear as possible as well suggest you some tips and things to keep in mind.

Free Spins No Deposit

No deposit free spins, also known as free spins no deposit bonuses, are some of the most popular online casino bonus offered in India, and around the world. These bonuses include a number of free spins that the casino gives you and that can actually be considered free.

One important thing I want to share with all my readers is that always try to check the terms & conditions before using free spins, this is a tip that if you keep in mind and put into practice, you will never be surprised with any restriction that limits your free spin bonus outcome.

Namely, when you set up an account with an online casino operator, you will get several free spins to use on dedicated slots without having to make any previous deposits. That way, you can also test out their online casino!

This is a strategy that has been adopted for many if not all the online casino sites since casino free spins are attractive for new players looking to try different games or sites.

If you noticed and see it from another point of view, free spins no deposit could be considered as one of those free trials you have had come across for subscriptions or services.

It is a good strategy that online casino sites offer and I encourage you to use them whenever you have the chance, that way you will see if you really want to play at their site!

Just register an account, accept the terms and conditions of the free spins no deposit, and you will be ready to use them. We all love freebies, and who doesn’t?  Especially when this freebie allows you to test a new casino, it serves as a window for you to check their slots. The number of free spins India’s online casinos offer hover around 25, depending on the casino in question. These free spins are usually not of any substantial value but are undeniably the best way to test the slots and their payouts.

There is always a finite list of slots where no deposit free spins can be used. These slots often include the most popular titles from renowned software producers.

Also, some online casino operators offer free spins no deposit bonuses to both new and regular players.

Regular players get a notification from time to time to find out that the casino has awarded some free spins without any additional deposits required. Another way the casino sites informs players that they can claim their casino free spins is by sending emails to their players. Keep this in mind when checking your email inbox!

This is how online casinos sometimes reward loyalty, and players simply can’t get enough of these rewards. Note that no deposit free spins winnings are capped at a specific amount, which means that the free spins can only generate winnings up to that amount.

After reading this I'm sure understanding Free spins no deposit casino bonus is something simple and you are now an expert on the topic and will use them accordingly to enhance your online casino experience!

Deposit Free Spins

The second most frequently seen type of free spins bonuses is the deposit free spins. As its name suggests, to claim these free spins, players are required to deposit a certain amount of rupees to unlock them and be able to play them. You can’t hope to get freebies all the time without giving something back to the online casino, can you? 

As a long-standing and experienced player myself, I do want to encourage you to take advantage of these free spins format if you have the chance to use them since these free spins are usually better than the no deposit free spins, so make sure to claim them when you can!

This type of free spins comes at a cost — the minimum deposit amount required to get the bonus. Most often, deposit free spins are seen as a part of the welcome package that includes deposit match bonus funds and a number of free spins — the number depends on how much player deposits.

The usual formula that applies here is: the bigger the initial deposit, the more free spins you get. The free spins I prepared for Indian players might be among the most generous ones out there, but they also come with individual requirements and characteristics.

Namely, they are usually time-limited, which means you need to claim them within a certain time period. Also, as is the case with the free spins no deposit, these too have other specific bonus terms and conditions you need to check out before claiming them.

Let's not forget that if you remain doubtful regarding a specific deposit free spin bonus you can contact your online casino support team to understand better the conditions of your free spins.

They always do their best to answer your questions and solve any possible problem you might face. My experience at these sites has been incredible and always received top-quality assistance.

To all my dear readers who enjoy the simplicity and fun of slot games, here is a tip for you to enjoy and take advantage of your free spins:
You already know that casinos have a limit of free spins they can offer but often, the amount you get is parallel to the amount you deposit to claim these free spins to always keep an eye on the terms and conditions of this casino bonus promotion.

Free Spins Bonus Terms and Conditions

Each casino bonus comes with terms and conditions that need to be met and honored before players can get a taste of what these freebies can do for them. These terms and conditions usually include specific wagering requirements, bonus codes, and slot rules.

Whenever I had questions related to the terms and conditions I always cleared my doubts with each site support team and I would advise you to do the same as it can be quite helpful.

I want to make sure you can easily understand and make the best use of any free spins you will have. Avoid as best as possible inconveniences when you want to use them or claim your winnings. Let’s learn more about them below!

Here on my list with the best casino free spins, I have highlighted for my fellow gamblers the best features of each site regarding free spins, from how many you can receive to which kind of games are available to use this type of bonus.

You will also notice that on the top highlights, I have available for each site and in the full reviews. I also keep track and share my view on each site's terms to apply for these bonuses.

If you are kinda intrigued about certain site features, dive into my detailed reviews and it will help you decide if it's what you're looking for!

This is a way for me to ensure you will have an amazing free spins experience almost granted! Besides a great experience and some free rounds playing, the options like free spins no deposit will probably allow you to earn some extra cash, time to learn how to improve your chances!

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements, or rollover requirements, are probably the most crucial condition attached to free spins. All free spins, from free spins no deposit to any other free spins 2021, is a promotion tool online casino sites in India can use to encourage players to sign up.

If casinos kept on giving bonuses without asking anything in return, they would go bankrupt, especially if players get on a roll. As a workaround, online casino sites came up with a solution and it is the wagering requirements, which limits and avoids the abuse of casino free spins that could lead a player to earn some winnings without gambling at all.

This way the players are allowed to enjoy bonuses and free spins without casinos allowing unfair and unwanted practices on their site.

This is not a good business model for sure, and online casinos are there to make a profit; have no doubt about it. To ensure their risk is not futile, they have come up with the so-called wagering requirements. The requirements refer to the number of times you need to wager the amount of your deposit or winnings from the free spins before you can cash them out.

For example, if the wagering requirements for deposit free spins are 10x the maximum win cap set at ₹1,000, this means you need to wager ₹10,000 before you can withdraw any winnings associated with the free spins. Wagering requirements vary from one casino to another, and can be as low as 10x, but can also be as high as 50x.

On the other hand, there are some online casinos with no wagering requirements at all. These usually have low limits on the possible winnings, which means there won’t be much for you to win there.

This is basically the reason and overall functionality of wagering requirements, you will notice that every site has wagering requirements so don’t be surprised if you see it everywhere, even at btc casino sites but don’t worry since you can see it is quite easy to understand and follow.

Here I have listed the best available free spins offers for Indian players yet I encourage every one of you to always check each wagering requirement for any casino bonus or free spins available since each one of them is usually different.

It is also important that I remind each one of my Indian colleagues that free spins are not the only bonus options since you can experience welcome bonuses on most casino sites, but you can use my online casino India sites list to help yourself get started on this exciting experience! Nevertheless, I have listed the sites with the best free spins promotions if that is what you're looking for.

It is common that most casino bonuses are sent to registered player's emails so keep an eye on your inbox and occasionally in the same email you will see the requirements to apply the bonus and as well its limits. 

Yet in some cases, some online casino sites offer a bonus tab within their interface in order for players to check all the available promotions, including free spins!

Bonus Codes

Many online casinos include unique bonus codes players need to type in to unlock free spins India bonuses. In practice, this means that only the players with these bonus codes can activate free spins, a no deposit bonuses, or the free spins coming from deposit match welcome packages. These bonus codes are usually found and leaked on casino review sites and similar platforms as the players in the online casino community usually enjoy sharing. If you come across one of these codes on a forum or blog just make sure the offer is still valid, as it could be a very old code that is no longer available or expired already.

Payment Method Rules

Some of these free spins bonuses, especially the deposit free spins, have specific requirements regarding the payment methods you need to choose to activate the spins. Some payment methods can be excluded from the welcome package, meaning the free spins that go with the welcome bonus package can also be excluded, so you need to be aware of that before you choose a deposit method. But usually you will be informed about it under the terms and conditions of the bonus, some sites also include this information on the deposit page but not all do so keep an eye and check before depositing. As an example I noticed that some casino sites have free spins for methods like bitcoin, seems the bitcoin casino world is getting quite popular and we will talk about this soon as I am still exploring these sites.

Rules Regarding Slot Games

There are some slot-specific rules you need to follow when playing with free spins. These rules refer to the number of paylines you can activate and the coin size. In most cases, you will have to play on all paylines using the free spins and with the smallest coin size possible. This way, the casinos control how much you can win from the free spins.

Also, not all slot games count towards meeting the wagering requirement or can be played using the free spins. On the Bonus Terms and Conditions page, you can find the list of slots that are included in the scheme, so make sure to check that out as well. Otherwise, you might find yourself wondering why all those bets you just placed didn't count towards your wagering requirement.

Perhaps this could sound a little bit weird however it's quite simple and the few situations where I wasn't sure that I had met my requirements to claim my earnings and withdraw, I simply had quick chat with the customer support team and they always are quite friendly and will confirm if you have met the criteria or if you still need to wager a little bit more.

Can You Win Real Money with Free Spins?

You can’t blame players for being a bit skeptical when ‘online casinos’ and ‘free’ are used in the same sentence, but not all things are too good to be true.

With free spins India is so keen on, you can win real money, I sure have had my lucky streaks and made myself with some earnings from using free spins, thus I encourage you to start using them if you are presented with a chance to use them at an online casino or mobile casino.

With each free spin turn you play there is a chance of hitting combos that could grant you better rewards and all you gotta do to cash out your winnings is keep an eye and meet the wagering requirements 

Before you can withdraw any winnings associated with the free spins india, you need to meet the wagering requirements, you can always contact the customer support to get more information regarding withdrawing the free spins wins.

Admittedly, this can be no small task, but it’s not impossible either. Even after you have met the wagering requirements, you will still need to watch for the limitations on the winnings, as the casinos typically limit how much you can win by playing with free spins.

Even if you don’t happen to walk away with substantial cash from the free spins you get from the online casino, these types of bonuses are certainly going to help you learn more about the casino and its slots, which might ultimately lead to some real-money jackpots in the future.

So, can you win real money? Yes, you absolutely can but it might require some extra effort. If you feel you are ready and you learned everything you wanted feel free to jump back to our first stop at my site and check the best online casino India sites available to play!

But my knowledge doesn't stop here and let's continue learning how to implement and make the best out of free spins India features!

Keep Yourself Informed

You must be familiar with all the necessary information about free spins and casino bonuses before you choose to activate them. The wagering requirements are an excellent place to start so that you can see how hard or easy it would be to cash out the winnings stemming from the free spins.

It would be smart to start with online casinos with lower wagering requirements and work your way up from there. There are no vast jackpots and prizes to be won with your free spins. Prove useful to players who are new to slot games and free spins in India as it would give them a good feel of the games and how these bonuses work. This will open up an opportunity for the website to prove that the service provided is up to the expectations for the new players, who in turn might become regulars.

Tips For Getting the Most out of Free Spins Bonuses

Not all free spins 2021 are born equal and bring the same benefits, which is why you need to be extra careful when choosing where you want to play and what kind of free spins you want to use. I offer a couple of tips you should consider beforehand, so you don't choose the wrong free spins. Check them out.

Choose the Right Casino

Choosing the right online casino is of paramount importance when you are after a memorable casino experience. After doing some serious research, I have come up with the list of the best online casino for players in India. The online casinos on the list have been chosen according to the casino bonus they offer, how extensive their gaming catalog is, the variety of payment methods available, and many other cool characteristics.

Free Spins are fun, they can be entertaining, and it's a safe way to test out the online casino you just signed up with, so if free spins are your cup of tea, look for online casinos on the list that have more slots than casino table games in their offer. Also, you can always register in more than just one online casino. This way, you can make the necessary comparison and see which online casino suits your playstyle and has the best free spins and bonuses in India. Therefore there is no limit on how many of these online casino sites you can sign up and claim free spins to figure out which one will be your favorite or favorites!

Free Spins Casino Of The Month
Get Free Spins
Pure Casino

Free spins on deposit


  • Get 60 free spins in the weekend reload bonus 
  • Accepts BTC, ETH, and more crypto
  • Local banks accepted
  • User-friendly interface



Twin Casino

Free spins welcome bonus


  • 400 free spins in the welcome pack (Split into 2 deposits)
  • Seasonal free spins promotions
  • 400 free spins in the Weekend Race
  • Adventure-filled slots
Wildz Casino

Free spins for new players



  • Monthly free spins promotions
  • 200 free spins in the welcome pack
  • Instant deposits
  • Fast payouts
VoodooDreams Casino

Free spins with deposit


  • 200 free spins on the 1st deposit
  • In-play free spins offers
  • Multi-device accessibility
  • High RTPs
NYspins Casino

Free spins for Indian players


  • 200 free spins for new sign ups
  • Regular free spins offers
  • Leading game developers
  • Many payment options

Free spins welcome bonus


  • 150 free spins on your 1st deposit
  • 100 free spins and a 50% 10th deposit bonus for slots
  • Daily free spins on the game of the week
  • Regular free spins bonuses
Playzee Casino

Free spins for new players


  • 150 zee spins in the sign up offer
  • High-payout free spins
  • Transact in Rupees
  • 1000+ online slots
OPPA888 Casino

Free spins in Welcome package


  • Free perks in the loyalty program
  • Numerous banking options
  • Use Bitcoin
  • Swap points for promo codes
Yeti Casino

Free spins for new signups


  • 100 free spins in the welcome offer
  • Extra free spins on reload offers
  • Loyalty scheme free spins
  • Cash bonuses
Casumo Casino
  • 20 Free spins
  • Many ongoing promotions
  • Top paying bonuses
  • Many ongoing promotions
Casino Room

Free spins welcome package


  • Welcome bonus with free spins
  • Free spins with welcome offer
  • Special free spins with newly released games
  • Huge selection of slots
Rizk Casino

Free spins welcome bonus


  • 50 free spins in the welcome offer
  • More free spins on the wheel of Rizk
  • Dedicated free spins rewards section
  • High RTP slots
Genesis Casino

Free spins bonus


  • 300 free spins in the welcome offer
  • Free spins every Monday
  • Regular promotions
  • Seamless banking
JungleRaja Casino

Free spins


  • Weekly free spins
  • Regular payouts
  • Top-rated slots
  • Incentives based on banking option
Betway Casino
  • Bonus spins and credits in the live rewards club
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Friendly terms
  • Numerous slots titles
Casoola Casino

Free spins offer


  • 200 free spins in the welcome offer
  • Flexible banking options
  • Top game providers
  • Prompt support team
Betwinner Casino
  • 5 free spins of the Lucky wheel every Friday
  • Free lottery ticket from Tombala
  • Get extra free spins in the loyalty scheme
  • Local banking options
  • Daily free spins bonuses
  • Free spins and cash prizes in weekly races
  • Immersive online slots
  • Instant deposits
Europa Casino
  • 60 free spins on Free spins Tuesday
  • Transparent bonus terms
  • Regular offers
  • Interesting layout
20 Casino
  • 40 spins on Fun Friday
  • Timely payments
  • Legitimate site
  • Regular offer updates
LeoVegas Casino
  • Free spins offers on the newest slots
  • 10 days of presents for new players
  • Rewarding VIP Experience 
  • Good bonus conditions
Dafabet Casino
  • Weekly special offers on Dafabet express
  • Exciting tournaments
  • Loyalty rewards
  • In-play slots bonuses
Spin Casino
  • Bonus credits in the loyalty programme
  • Easy terms on bonus spins
  • Unique slots titles
  • Several in-play free spins
Jackpotcity Casino
  • Free bonus credits in the loyalty program
  • More free spins and exclusive perks in the VIP club
  • Extra free spins in the regular promotions
  • 300+ special slots games
Royal Panda Casino
  • Regular seasonal free spins promotions
  • Great game selection
  • Convenient banking
  • Friendly transaction limits
Jeetwin Casino
  • Join and get Rs.1000 free spin
  • Netent slots available
  • Local banking options
  • Seamless transactions
ComeOn Casino
  • 10 weekly free spins in the free spins club
  • Convert points to free spins 
  • Responsive support
  • Fast payments
  • Instant cash prizes at the live casino section
  • Free Spins Express on certain slots
  • Regular offers
  • Seamless navigation
  • Daily generous offers
  • 30 free spins for signing up
  • Many slots with in play free spins offers
  • 100+ top slots
Unibet Casino
  • Refer a friend offer
  • Exclusive Unibet games
  • 950+ slots with in-play offers
  • Easy withdrawals
Bodog Casino
  • Weekly slots bonuses
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Several banking options
  • High returns on free spins offers
  • Free spin offers
  • Multiple promotions
  • Games tested for fairness
  • Decent wagering requirements
10Cric Casino

Free spins package


  • 150 free spins in the Bitcoin welcome pack
  • 20 free spins with the welcome bonus
  • Several banking options
  • 100 free bets at the sportsbook section
Fun Casino
  • Fun Friday weekly bonus spins promotion
  • Widely-themed slots
  • Awesome support
  • Regular bonus offers

The Casino Express Method

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Taking his experiences from the ground to casino online. With his own casino express method he now guides his readers how to collect the best online casino bonus.

Sai also created the character Mr Saiyaan making his childhood dream became true to became a train conductor in his home country. Now only with the best online casino in India as his final station.