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Revitalizing the Tradition of Jhandi Munda with Online Casinos

My Casino Train is here and today I am exploring our childhood and cultural game – Online Jhandi Munda. One of the most played street game, Jhandi Munda is like a part of the culture at Arunachal Pradesh and hence, has been a conventional and legal part of the state.

The game has been an integral part of the everyday lives of the region and People in North-Eastern region of India has been openly and happily playing this game both offline and online.

This incredible nation has given us a huge cultural diversity, which over the years have merged through inter-state socializing, travelling and the expansion of the web.

So something which was started in North East was also celebrated and embraced in other parts of the nation from Delhi to Kanyakumari.

I remember how eagerly and enthusiastically we used to play Jhandi Munda during our main festivals –  Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali – (Dashain, Dashami and Tihar in North-East) with our family members of all ages.

It used to be wonderful family engagement and I am here to reminisce and re-create that experience for all of us. I offer you to join my Indian Casino Train to revisit those days and experience the amazing traditional game online.

Why play Online Jhandi Munda?

A dice-based betting game, Jhandi Munda is played with 6 dices, each dice having 6 sides. It is also called Crown and Anchor on online gambling sites. Comparatively a simpler game, Jhandi Munda is a game of skill but also helped with luck.

The game has been conventionally played in the groups, with a lot of excitement and noise, but the online gaming differs in offering you to play and experience in your comfort zone or place of your choice.

The Online Jhandi Munda offers you a wonderful virtual experience with even more wonderful payouts. Online gaming has in fact is designed to give more support to gaming skills over the luck; however, the game could have small variations across different platforms.

You can always start playing without money to explore and learn the game, and then starting betting in real. But before that, learn all about Jhandi Munda with me in this review.

The online gaming sites allow you to choose the table yourself from many available options. Also, if you feel at any stage that the current table on which you are playing, you are free to change the table, which doesn’t happen in offline playing.

Online gaming also allows you to decide your bet amount, while also facilitating the view of hot and cold numbers. These online gaming sites are secured and governed by gambling industry regulations, and their integrated technology ensures the security of your payments and information.

So, all you need to play this amazing online gambling game is a good internet connection, which is very readily available and with almost everyone today, thanks to Jio, and you need a computing device, a phone, tablet or a PC.

With these two things, you are set to play anytime, anywhere. In fact, you don’t have to plan your gaming, just do it whenever you get breaks during the day or during your relaxing evening time.

Special Benefits of Playing Online:

There are some of the very special benefits of playing Jhandi Munda online, which aren’t available in offline playing, as follows:

  1. The online gaming allows you to play at multiple tables simultaneously, not just at one.
  2. The platform can help you in choosing the lucky number for you with the ‘auto pick’ feature.
  3. You can play on the ‘demo mode’ to play for free and to explore and learn the game.
  4. You can play online with anyone, your friends or completely strangers from any corner of the nation and world.
  5. Online gaming also allows you to have conversations with fellow players, making you feel really together in the game.
  6. The game is perfectly compatible to be played on mobile devices, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere.
  7. On the top of these, online casinos offer a lot better payouts and bonuses than offline playing.
Basics of Online Jhandi Munda You Must Know:

Almost all of us have played and seen Ludo Dice – the one having up to 6 numbers. Jhandi Munda also revolves around the same 6 sided, 6 dices, each having symbols on all the side, in place of numbers. These symbols as shown on the gaming board are as follows:

  • Club
  • Face
  • Flag
  • Heart
  • Spade
  • Diamond

Now you need to bet on which symbol will appear most, on most of the 6 dices at the rolling of the dices. The dealer will be rolling the dices and you will know your results and payouts at the same time. Also, you must know that if your selected symbol appears, it will be called Jhandi.

Where you can play Online Jhandi Munda For Free?

Nowadays there many secured and regulated online casinos operating in India and for the Indian players. Most of these online gambling sites offer numerous gambling games, but Jhandi Munda is offered only by a few websites. But I hope more and more websites will start offering this game soon.

By joining my Indian Casino Train, you can explore, experience and play on these online gambling platforms, which are licensed by regulatory authorities.

These sites are regulated by Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission and many others. Also, these are endorsed by eCOGRA, which further secures your data and information.

Also, these online casinos are integrated with SSL encryption, which provides complete protection of your data and financial details. So, there’s nothing to worry about these sites.

Play Online Jhandi Munda in India 2021:

  1. Jeetwin
  2. 10CRIC
Abide to the Rules of Online Jhandi Munda

The rules and terms of the game are comparatively simpler. As I shared earlier, Jhandi Munda is played with 6-sided, 6 symbols having, 6 dices. You have to bet on which symbol will appear on most of the dices when rolled.

So, from the above-mentioned symbols, if you bet on ‘heart’, for example, and out of 6 dices, 2 dices show up your predicted symbol, you will get 2 times of your bet money. One bet for one game round. Isn’t it one of the simplest and fortunate ways of winning great money? I know it is!

So, explaining the example further, this is how you are paid:

  1. If you have got 1 Jhandi i.e, one dice appeared with your predicted symbol, you will get = your bet money x 1
  2. Similarly, if you get 2 Jhandi, you will get = your bet money x 2
  3. If you get 3 Jhandi, you will get = your bet money x 3
  4. If you get 4 Jhandi, you will get = your bet money x 4
  5. If you get 5 Jhandi, you will get = your bet money x 5
  6. If you get 6 Jhandi, you will get = your bet money x 6

I am sure, now you are excited and eager to join my Casino Train. But, wait, I’ve got more to tell you, which you must know.

Online Jhandi Munda Strategies

As you would have understood that there’s a huge role of luck in Jhandi Munda, yet it offers a lot of opportunities to utilize the skills and intellect to win the game.

All you need is to be vigilant and observant of behaviour of the dices. Keep a watch and learn which symbols are hot symbols and which are cold symbols. This could vary from website to website and also at different time periods of playing the game.

So, basically the mantra is – “stay observant and learn from what you see to win!”

Besides, the one amazing feature of online game is you can limit your losses. You can set up maximum loss per session or in a month in your account. Hence, this game is about winning for almost everyone.

What’s Your Winning Potential?

You simply can’t miss this! Like I shared, this game is amazingly meant to win big for every player. No other online game can be as profitable as Jhandi Munda. It is amusing to know that just by entertaining yourself, you can make amazing money.

The average return on investment to every player of Jhandi Munda is over 97%, with the casino house edge of about 3%. It won’t be surprising, if you would start making 100% returns after playing for a while.

I am sure, you want to start playing immediately now. So, nothing is stopping you. Just join my Casino Train by grabbing your phone or laptop, connect to your internet connection, (read again the basics and strategies, if you’d like), explore my reviewed sites and start playing our traditional game.

You can even give a call to your friend, ask him or her also to join you on the platform and enjoy the gaming.

Where can you play Jhandi Munda Online for real money:

Pure Casino
Wildz Casino
LeoVegas Casino
10Cric Casino
Royal Panda Casino
Casoola Casino
ComeOn Casino
Playzee Casino
Genesis Casino
NYspins Casino
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