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Best Live Casino Sites in India (2021)

I have listed the best places to play Live Casino in India 2021. You will receive a Live Casino Welcome Bonus to get started and get right into the Indian Live Casino world.


It's like playing on a land-based casino in Goa, but you only need your computer or mobile phone. Pick your Indian Live Casino from my Toplist and get ready for some Live Casino action!

I will give you all the hints and provide you the basics to start enjoying the best live casino pages that are available for all Indian players let us begin! 

I am Mr. Saiyaan, your Live Casino host who’s pretty much in charge of all casino operations here on! You will encounter a list featuring the best live casino India sites. Where you will learn everything you need to know related to the live casino games. I have dealt with all kinds of live dealers, so I have the experience to take you through it. 

One of my tasks is to introduce you to enjoy Live Casino Teen Patti and Live Casino Andar Bahar in a great and safe environment. Play with Indian Live Casino dealers from one of my favorite Indian Live Casino sites 2021. If you don't like these two games, there is always the classic games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and even Baccarat. You will be able to do this from the comfort of your home not only with your computer but also with your latest iOS or Android mobile devices, the live casino gambling experience has never been this accessible before! 

With the live online casino, you will have a different experience than with a land-based casino you can socialize via chat. There is a variety of table game modes that you can try out and enjoy. The live online casinos I recommend have the best providers in the iGaming Market such, as Evolution Gaming or Ezugi. I will provide you with the best strategies and deals you can have on an online live casino. 

Live Casino is very similar to regular table games. It is the same if you read the rules and the odds of winning. The difference is that you play in a multiplayer aspect with other online players. You will be able to chat with the dealer and the players. Table games are very different than the popular casino video slots. They are still fun as there are different styles of playing. 

Mr. Saiyaan
Mr. Saiyaan

Casino Expert

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Live Casino?

In this journey, my dear readers will learn about the most realistic experience of online casino entertainment, the live casino!

Live casino is the option for you if you are looking for a more immersive and close to reality experience, with live chats where you interact with dealers or other players in real-time while enjoying classic games like Blackjack or Roulette. Put on a nice tune, play some live Blackjack, and chat with other players.

Here are some of the great things you will be able to read about Live Casino by skimming through this page: 

  • Best live casino sites for Indian players
  • Live Casino games vs regular casino games
  • Different types of live casino games, including live casino blackjack, live casino roulette, and others
  • How I choose the best Live Casino in India
  • Best Casino Bonus for profesional live table games 

Through my Mr. Saiyaan 100% guarantee, you will see the most important key points of every online casino site I review, each outstanding highlights of live casino sites to enjoy at the reach of a click. I stick to my 100% guarantee thanks to my constant gaming and reviewing of the different sites available for us Indians and I prepare the list with the best live casinos and their features for all of you. The train is about to leave the station, so hop aboard and don’t miss the opportunity to get the best live casino experience on the entire web! Cause here you cant only learn about live casino India entertainment, but also you can read my tips to help you become a winner and make the best out of your gaming experience!

In regards to the new world of live casino bitcoin, I will soon be reviewing more in depth regarding these amazing options that are trending nowadays since one of the key points is the security and stability it offers.

Stand by and keep an eye on my future updates on this topic. I think bitcoin casino has a lot of potential for gambling entertainment in India.

Best Live Casino in India

The online casino industry landscape is constantly changing and refreshing itself. Some operators emerge while others fall behind on keeping up with player's demands, causing them to become outdated and less relevant.

That is why I always do my best to keep up with the ever-changing nature of Casino Online, looking for the latest updates to share with all my fellow readers!

Live casino is one of the most popular gaming styles due to its down-to-earth setting. I have prepared the best and trending choices of the moment, including the best bonus and dealers for the live casino!

Every month brings something new to the table, whether it’s a brand new collection of video slots, fresh welcome casino bonuses, table games, or live casino games with improved streaming options in HD, professional dealers, and great looking tables!

I want to make sure all the Indian players out there remain updated with the top-notch live casino options and best features available in the iGaming market. So you can have the experience of your lifetime!

2021 hopefully will be a better and less chaotic year but thanks to 2020 pandemic a lot of sites did set the bar high for all the competitors of live casino entertainment thanks to the great number of new players it attracted.

Online operators are breaking into this huge market and trying to attract Indian players with their illustrious range of high-quality live dealer games, a variety of table games and bonuses.

What better way to have fun, distract yourself from the safety of your home, and even have the chance to earn some money during this 2021 which I cross my fingers will be better for all of us.

There are hundreds of different sites where you can play your favourite live table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Teen Patti and many more. However, in reality, only a few dozen ones are truly worth exploring.

Thankfully we have an extensive and curated list conveniently available for you, the lists you can find on my page have been carefully selected and sorted, to assist all the Indian players in choosing only the best live casino sites out there!

I know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I want my Casino Express India passengers to get only the best live casino experience possible. I have tested several live casinos over the years, and you can be sure that I have added the best ones on my site.

You will find the most professional, and good looking dealers in the live casino scenes, that I will recommend to you. I encourage all my fellow Indian players to check the reviews I wrote from the sites that each one of you finds attractive and suits your preferences to start your live casino entertainment! 

I did spend quite some time playing at the different and available live casino India. I accumulated experience and learn how to spot the best among these sites. With my reviews, you are only a few clicks of learning these without spending that much time.

Among the live casino featured on my list, you will see that these casinos offer great options and professional platforms for their players. Most of their games, if not all, can be enjoyed from a desktop or phones and tablets, which grant access to enjoy the mobile casino entertainment from anywhere, in my case from home, while I enjoy a good cuppa!

Therefore, here are some of the best Online Casinos where you can enjoy amazing casino table games like live casino blackjack or roulette, and let's not forget to take into consideration these sites' amazing customer support 24/7!

Prepare yourself a good and warm cuppa, then relax while reading my in-depth reviews and compare the features of the best live casino options you can choose to enjoy your gambling thrill.

Advantages of Live Casino Games Over RNG-Based Games

You will probably agree that live casino games are much more entertaining and are the go-to for every gambler when entering an online casino. We can clearly see this trend, but why live casino games are that much popular when compared to slots, for example? 

At first glance, live casino games and regular casino games are pretty similar. When it comes to playing rules and odds of winning, the games also seem to be very identical. So, where does this difference come from initially? 

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is that these games have more down-to-earth gameplay and some specific traits, which might make players more comfortable. 

But that can't be the only thing. 

We have to dive deep into the mechanics of live dealer games and carefully compare them to traditional games to answer why live casino games are so much more appealing to players than classic casino games? Maybe it's because players are playing at home? Or because they are playing at mobile casino for real money? Are they more entertaining for some reason? 

It can easily be any of that, and it can even be something we haven't considered. To find this intriguing answer, I will guide you through my site as we dive deep into the mechanics of both types of games to find the answer.

Let's carefully observe and go through some key points that are outstanding and unique of this style of online casino. After the following lines, we will get to the answer and satisfy our curiosity. Let's go!

  • Livestreaming — Instead of a pixelated virtual environment, live dealer games use livestreams that show a real dealer sitting in front of a real table in a casino environment (usually a recording studio although sometimes they can even be in an actual casino, like in the case of dual-play games).
    Many players prefer this sort of atmosphere since it’s as close as you can get to playing in a land-based casino without actually being there. Although the graphics in RNG-based games can be rather impressive these days, they still can’t achieve the same effect as livestreams.
    And sometimes interacting with other people even if via a webcam can make a big difference in the overall experience, it sure has made a huge difference for me on some occasions! A lot of times I felt I was there at the table while in fact, I was just sitting in my living room enjoying a good cuppa 
  • Socialising — Regular casino games can indeed provide you with a great experience and thrilling sensations. However, sometimes, you can start feeling a bit isolated when staring for hours at the inanimate casino table of a specific game. It can get boring fast, especially if there is not much action on the table. On the other hand, when you enjoy a live casino game, you can interact with the dealer or the other gamblers on the table with the live chat feature. On top of that, particular live casino games are constructed to be more engaging to the players. The dealers in these games are very talkative and have great charisma. They are constantly cracking jokes and additionally make the atmosphere very light and pleasurable. They also know how to walk any player through the game, so it doesn't feel excluded from the other ones in the group. Playing any of these kinds of games is an experience on its own. 
  • Entertainment — Apart from letting you enjoy the games, some live dealer games provide top-shelf entertainment. For example, Live Casino Blackjack Party features two or more dealers who talk about the latest news and trends and are there to keep the game more interesting.
    Dealers themselves are very attractive and friendly, which is certainly better than having monotonous dealers.
  • Game Variety — Live casinos have come up with a way to offer plenty of new and exciting game variations to players. For example, casino poker and casino Hold’em are games you can only play in their live casino form, and so are Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, and other special games. Slingshot Roulette and Blackjack Online Party are also good examples!
  • High Stakes — Running live studios is expensive, so it’s only logical that live casino games cost a little more than other games and have higher table limits. This can be seen both as an advantage and disadvantage, depending on your gambling budget. If you don’t have a lot to spend, maybe live casino games are not for you.
    However, if your pockets are a little deeper and you consider yourself to be a high roller, live dealer tables are the right choice for you.
Types of Live Casino Games

There are plenty of live casino table games you can play in their live dealer form and with so many options and variety of live casino games you might ask yourself  “Which are the best?” or “What version will I like most?” Well, no need for more doubts and questions cause I will point you in the right direction! Here are some of the most popular ones in India. 

From engaging games like blackjack or poker to games that rely more on chance, like roulette tables, there are many styles and options for every kind of player looking to experience the fun of gambling in live casino.

I have played many of the table games offered by the live casino that you can find featured on my list and after my experience, I'm sure these options will catch your interest!

Keep in mind that most of these, if not every point I will review for live casinos also applies for the mobile casino India platform of these casinos’ sites. This since the mobile casino has become the main platform for live casino players, especially with nowadays advanced mobile phones.

One of the reasons I mentioned this, is cause playing from a phone has become the main option for a lot of players and with the popularity of the live casino, casino developers had to step up their game offering these mobile options.

Let's review each one of these kinds of live casino games, this way all my dear readers will surely have an easier and effortless way to choose their favorite sites, and games!

Live Casino Roulette

Online Roulette is a trademark live casino table game, so it’s no wonder that it was one of the first games to go live. Just like with RNG-based roulette, there are several variations of live casino roulette you can try out, and win.

Roulette table games have been a top favorite among players since their integration in an online casino. If you ever saw a table of roulette, you would notice it usually has a lot of players, now imagine the possibilities of online players playing at the live casino just for roulette!

With all the possibilities and chances to bet, it leaves more options to win. This trend of popularity keeps up to date in live casinos online, and of course, all my fellow Indians can enjoy this game too!

European roulette is probably the most popular version, although the French and American versions are quite common as well. Speed Roulette offers you fast-paced action where the betting rounds are shorter than usual, meaning you can place more bets in the same amount of time.

Automatic and Slingshot Roulette are games where the ball is spun by the table mechanism instead of the dealer, so if you feel more comfortable playing that way, you should definitely try these out.

There are several renowned software developers that power live casino roulette games.

Which one you will choose is completely up to you. They all basically offer the same games. The key differences lay on the professional dealers, camera angles, the overall aesthetics of the studios and tables, but in essence, they are quite similar and which one is the best is up to personal preference.

Live Casino Blackjack

Apart from roulette, blackjack online is the most sought-after live dealer game today. The gameplay is fast-paced and the rules are simple to understand.

Blackjack is a pretty straight forward game and one of the most popular online casino games, and got to say its one of my favorite due to its simplicity but well balanced with a thrilling experience, our goal as players is to beat the dealer by getting a 21 or get as close as possible but beware not to score 22 or higher cause you will lose.

There are two main versions of live blackjack online — regular seven-seat blackjack and Blackjack Unlimited. The former involves a typical format of the game where up to seven players play their hands individually.

Blackjack Unlimited, on the other hand, features just a single hand that all players play simultaneously (of course, everybody is allowed to make their own decisions).

You should note that not all versions of live casino blackjack online games have side bets and that the rules on splits, doubles, and surrenders can vary. So make sure to double-check the rules and adjust your strategy accordingly so you can have the best live casino experience while winning a lot.

Live Casino Baccarat

Live dealer baccarat is a very popular game in India and across the entire Asian continent. It has straightforward rules and it’s available in almost every online casino that accepts Indian players.

Baccarat alone doesn’t have that many variations to it, but live casinos have found a way to make the game much more exciting by adding some extra features!

For example, Baccarat Squeeze has the dealer slowly revealing the final card (squeezing), thus adding the element of tension and excitement. There’s also Baccarat Controlled Squeeze where players themselves get to reveal the cards at their own pace. On the other side of the spectrum is Speed Baccarat, a game for those who like the action to go a little quicker.

Live Casino Poker

Casino poker is very different from regular poker played in land-based casinos. Namely, the players in live casino poker are competing against the dealer — not against themselves. Therefore, the luck factor and the house edge are greater, but there is still a lot of skill involved just like in all poker games.

The most common live version of poker is Casino Hold’em. The bets are made after your hole cards have been dealt to you, and you can only decide to fold or continue with the bet. There are no bets on the flop, turn, or river. Caribbean Stud Poker also has a live version with similar rules and an adjusted betting structure.

Three-Card Poker is a new addition to live poker games, and it’s a simple three-card game where you bet on beating the dealer or a specific combination of your cards.

Live Bet-on-Poker is gaining a lot of popularity lately, and the goal of this game is not to play the hand yourself, but instead guess which hand is going to be the winner of a round. It follows the rules of Texas Hold’em and it favours players who know everything about odds and probability in poker.

This is a good option if you want to give it a shot at something different but with the same core essence of classic live casino Poker games, perfect for experienced poker players.

Other Live Casino Games

Apart from the games I mentioned, there are several other live dealer games that might not be that popular but are nevertheless part of the live casino universe.

Despite they're not as popular as the previous ones, I want you to have a brief description, and who knows, perhaps one of these might become your favorite, let's learn more about them.

In Sic-Bo, a popular Chinese dice game, you wager on the outcome of three different dice. It’s a somewhat simple game that has plenty of betting options.

Live Dragon Tiger is even more straightforward than Sic-Bo. The dealer deals one card to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. You simply need to guess which one will have a higher value.

If you like to spin the wheel of fortune from time to time, you must try the Dream Catcher game. Instead of the dealer, you will get a game show host type of person that spins the wheel filled with different numbers.

The goal is to guess where the wheel will stop. Smaller numbers are more frequent, but they carry smaller rewards as well. Big numbers are rare, although they can make you rich if you’re very blessed. The choice is yours.

As you can see, there are many options for you to enjoy a round or more on live casino games. You can pick your favorite game or try one of the multiple offerings at hand and try a different game every day, and who knows, you might find your new favorite this way!

All these and many other live casino games are present on Indian-friendly websites on my list. Feel free to check them out! Also, a quick but significant heads up, during my reviews, I have come across live bitcoin casino sites that also offer the option to play with every kind of cryptocurrency. I’ll start exploring these, and I’ll be back with more about this now trending option for casino players!

How I find Best Live Casino sites in India

There’s a lot that goes into making the Toplist of the absolute best Live Casino sites for Indian players. I conduct my research thoroughly and without any bias whatsoever. Exploring every inch of the Live Casino, so the experience you will get is the best. 

I have personally reviewed these sites and spent hours playing at their tables, and you have my Mr. Saiyaan 100% guarantee that these sites are the best and safest out there.

To get a clearer picture of how I actually choose the casino websites, take a look at a few things I consider before giving any website the green light.

      • Licensing — All live casino sites must be licensed by proper gambling commissions and other regulatory bodies. I make sure that the sites are legit and the players won’t be scammed. I think it's safe to say that we all can agree that the best way to have fun at something is when you don’t have to be afraid or worried about what could happen. I have selected the best and safest options for you here on my site since I absolutely care about offering the best websites for you to enjoy more of your gambling entertainment without anything to worry about.


    • Software Developers — I only include casinos that offer games from reputable software providers. There are plenty of companies that make live casino games these days, but only a few stand out with their streaming quality and seamless gameplay. Some of the top names in the world of live casinos right now include Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Authentic Gaming, and Ezugi.
    • Game Selection —  If you like switching between different games, you should be able to do so without changing sites. I’ve made sure that each of the websites on my list has at least the most popular games like live casino blackjack, live casino roulette, and live casino baccarat. There are no restrictions and you could easily play your favorite games on different sites but as an expert myself I would advise you to keep a keen eye on both your earnings and spending on each casino site, the more in control you are the more fun you can have!
    • Native Tables — An Indian player should feel at home when playing live casino games over the Internet. Although there are not many tables in Hindi, all the most popular live casino games have at least several tables where the dealer speaks fluent English.
    • Betting Limits — I understand that different players have different gambling budgets. In my opinion, a live casino website should include tables that offer something to both low-level players and high rollers. I reward those websites by introducing them to my lists.


    • Payment Methods — Unlike regular casino games you can try out for free, live casino games can only be played with real money. Reliable and efficient payment options are one of the main prerequisites for having a great casino experience. The websites I included offer multiple banking methods ranging from credit and debit cards to Paytm and Google Pay. Nowadays, you can even play bitcoin live casino games such as baccarat with bitcoin presented by live dealers.


    • Mobile Compatibility — Picking a website with a mobile-friendly website or an app is never a wrong choice. It will allow you to play the best live casino games on the move. Livestreams don’t include any demanding technical specifications, so all you need to worry about is your internet connection and data usage.


    • Bonuses and Promotions — Casino Bonus in India and promotions are for video slots and other RNG-based games. However, some casinos offer high-quality bonuses for their live games as well. I’ve made sure to give such casinos a shout-out.


Live Casino Of The Month
Play Now
LeoVegas Casino

Live Casino Bonus up to ₹80,000

  • Teen Patti and Andar Bahar
  • 50+ live roulette titles
  • 35+ live poker games
  • Friendly support 24/7
Casumo Casino

Live Casino Bonus up to


  • Andar Bahar Supported
  • Live dealer games
  • Over 2000 games
  • Play with Paytm
Rizk Casino

Live Casino Bonus up to


  • Many live tables 
  • High stakes tables
  • Call-back support option
  • Live casino free perks
Genesis Casino

100% Live Casino Bonus up to ₹8000 plus 10% Cash-Back

  • Extensive list of live dealer games
  • Instant payments
  • Free transactions
  • 10 % Live casino cashback
Jeetwin Casino
  • Evolution gaming and Microgaming live titles
  • Impressive live casino lobby
  • Interesting dealers
  • HD graphics and sound quality
Bodog Casino

80% Live Casino Bonus up to


  • Play Teen Patti and Andar Bahar live
  • Prompt customer support
  • Fast payouts
  • Friendly transaction limits
Betway Casino

Live Casino Bonus up to


  • Live casino promotions with cash prizes
  • Live poker bonuses
  • Double loyalty points with live roulette
  • Fun casino croupiers
Casoola Casino

100% Live Casino Bonus up to


  • 80+ live casino games 
  • Friendly and attractive dealers
  • Smooth navigation
  • Rewarding loyalty program
Spin Casino

Live Casino Bonus up to


  • Great selection of live classic titles
  • Superb graphics and audio
  • Seamless navigation
  • Instant transactions
Jackpotcity Casino

Live Casino Bonus up to


  • Beautiful Live dealer lobby
  • Customizable lobby
  • Unique features
  • Top software providers
Pure Casino

Live Casino Bonus up to


Free Spins on deposit! 


  • Indian live table games
  • Varying table limits
  • Friendly croupiers
  • Lots of live dealer games
10Cric Casino

Deposit 500

Play Live Casino with


  • Play Andar Bahar and Teen Patti
  • Lucrative bonuses
  • Weekly live casino bonuses
  • Live casino loyalty bonus
Royal Panda Casino
  • 60+ live dealer games
  • Varying table limits
  • Professional dealers
  • Exclusive perks in the Loyalty program
Wildz Casino
  • Diverse variations of table games
  • Wildz exclusive Blackjack
  • Dynamic rewards
  • Effortless navigation
Fun Casino
  • Roulette and blackjack variations
  • User-friendly interface
  • High and low stake tables
  • Multilingual dealers
ComeOn Casino
  • Many live tables
  • Varying table limits
  • Play Live Rummy
  • HD streaming
Betwinner Casino
  • Many live casino games
  • Several providers
  • Exclusive tables
  • VIP cashback bonuses
Europa Casino
  • Play Roulette, Blackjack and Sic Bo
  • Seamless transactions
  • Regular lobby updates
  • HD experience
Yeti Casino
  • Netent's live titles
  • Secure site
  • Professional and fun dealers
  • Several live casino offers
20 Casino
  • Teen Patti and Andar Bahar
  • Bombay club and 100+ games
  • Flexible payments
  • Live casino bonuses
Dafabet Casino
  • Asia’s finest live games
  • 0.88% rebate on selected games
  • Lots of prizes
  • Top game providers
VoodooDreams Casino
  • 35+ live casino games
  • Stream VIP tables
  • Play live on mobile
  • Stream in HD
Playzee Casino
  • Top Evoluting Gaming titles
  • Friendly dealers
  • Customized incentives
  • Play live Three card poker
NYspins Casino
  • Many tables from different providers
  • Elegant live casino theme
  • Reliable support
  • Play in Rupees
  • 100+ live tables
  • Favorable table limits
  • Netent live titles
  • Seamless transactions
OPPA888 Casino
  • Live casino games from different providers
  • Cricket available
  • Friendly transaction limits
  • Adult +18 live casino

10% Cashback up to $100 offer on Live Blackjack

  • Impressive live casino lobby
  • Cash back bonuses
  • Lively croupiers
  • Play live Quantum Blackjack

Up to €300 Live Casino Bonus

  • 10+ live games providers
  • Rich graphics
  • Intuitive site
  • Friendly table limits
  • Several Live casino promotions
  • Elite lounge available
  • Multilingual dealers
  • Live tables available 24/7
Unibet Casino
  • Daily live casino offers
  • Flexible table limits
  • 25,000 Euros up for grabs every week
  • Titles from popular brands
JungleRaja Casino
  • Play Teen Patti and Andar Bahar
  • 90+ live games
  • Friendly interface
  • Friendly table limits
  • Huge portfolio of slots from the best providers
  • Daily Jackpots that pay out daily
  • Secure banking options for Indian players, including NetBanking and PayTm
  • Mobile compatible
Twin Casino
  • Long list of live games
  • All-inclusive table limits
  • World-class board games
  • Reliable support team
Casino Room
  • Multiple live casino dealers available
  • Many live dealer tables
  • Live games from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming
  • Great live blackjack options

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Sai also created the character Mr Saiyaan making his childhood dream became true to became a train conductor in his home country. Now only with the best online casino in India as his final station.