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Play Teen Patti Online to Grab Amazing Rewards

Today, I have landed my Indian Casino Train for you at Teen Patti – our most favourite childhood game. And I offer you to join my train to experience the new-age transformation of gaming, the online gaming.

Originated from Indian Streets, Teen Patti is a very commonly played and popular game across the nation. This simplified form of Indian Poker, which means ‘three-card game’ is also popular as Flush or Flash across South Asia and other regions of the world.

Seemingly simple, this game requires great skills to win, as even though it has been played by almost every gambling lover or card player, it rewards only smart players.

With me, you can be that smart player. Just read through, unveil the game with in this review and join my Casino Train to win great bonuses. You can also enjoy Teen Patti with Bitcoin.

New Era of Teen Patti: Online Teen Patti

Most of us have played Teen Patti in our hostel rooms or kitty parties or Diwali get-togethers, but with societal and legal constraints, but now you can comfortably play the authentic Teen Patti online across various platforms, and that too with the possibility of winning real cash. I am sure it’s a great relief that you can play your favourite game stress-free in this age of web solutions.

Offered by various gambling websites in India, Online Teen Patti provides you the authentic Indian experience of the game via your mobile and PC.

It allows you to play anytime, anywhere and with either your old game buddies or simply strangers – from miles away. Nevertheless, it also offers old-school Teen Patti buddies to reunite again online.

One of the most played games on mobile, Teen Patti is not the only mobile compatible but also doesn’t consume the space of your mobile devise, as you can play it directly on mobile casinos with an internet connection, and with no download requirements.

Also, these casinos are integrated with the highest standards of security and information protection to ensure the safe transaction of your money.

What makes it stand out?

The provided features of Online Teen Patti are more helpful in enabling you to have more control of your game and these gaming softwares completely eradicate the possibility of foul play, in comparison to the conventional hand-to-hand based game.

It allows you to choose the minimum and maximum bet, choose from many available tables, and also allows you to leave the cold table and join another.

It has also been analyzed that the online game also helps in improving and empowering your professional playing skills and provides chances of playing with the best players across the nation and world.

You can choose to play for free or with your cash. So, I would suggest the new players start with free gaming to build their skills first, and then move on to investing money on the game.

Know the Basics of Teen Patti before You Play

The popular Indian game, Teen Patti is played in a group of 3 to 6 people with 52 cards without jokers. It starts with deciding a boot amount or minimum bet amount amongst the players, which every player puts at the center of the table. Then, the dealer distributes 3 face-down cards to every player in an anti-clockwise direction on the table.

After the distribution, players start betting based on the strength of their cards or leave the game at any betting turn, starting with the one on the left side of the dealer.

These betting rounds are unlimited in nature, but limited by the money a player has for the betting.  Gradually the money grows at the center through the game and eventually the whole money is won by the winner of the hand at the end. 

The last two players are required to display their cards, and the one with highest-ranking cards or hand wins the game and cash. The winner is the one who continues to play till the end or completion of the hand, by having the best hand, or highest combination of the cards.

There’s another version of Online Teen Patti as well, which also incorporates 2 joker cards with other 52 cards. These joker cards are used as wild cards.

Ranking of cards:

  1. Set or Trail (three cards of identical rank)
  2. Pure Sequence (3 consecutive cards of the same suit)
  3. Sequence or run (3 consecutive cards but need not be of the same suit)
  4. Pair of cards with the same color (3 cards of the same suit. If a tie happens, the payer with a higher card wins)
  5. Pair or Double (Two cards of the same rank. Player with the higher card value wins)
  6. No Pair or High Card (If two players have same high card, then cards values will be considered)
Where to Play Online Teen Patti to Win in Cash?

Nowadays, there are many online gambling websites which offer you to play Teen Patti with or without money investment, and experience a mind intriguing and entertaining gaming.

And, most of these sites are secure and protected to facilitate safe playing and secured transactions. Only you need to do your bit to ensure complete safety of your account.

You will be required to create an original account with real identity and its proof via your email id, phone number, Aadhaar Card, and bank account details. Be cautious and sincere about this step, as mistakes here can end up losing money.

These websites offer you to play Teen Patti both on the PC and mobile. They differentiate with different transaction limits, allowance for free gaming, and different available currencies for transactions. But all of these websites will provide you a truly captivating experience of playing and winning.

Here, I have got you hand-picked most secured and protected online casino sites where to play Teen Patti Online in India 2021:

  1. 10CRIC: Get INR 20,000 Bonus, PayTM transactions available, and offers to bet on real cricket games.
  2. Pure Casino: Offers INR 10,000 welcome bonus, Indian currency, minimum deposit of INR 250, UPI feature for transactions, and no hidden charges for deposit.
  3. Jeetwin: Get deposit bonus up to INR 10,000, get weekly rewards & spins, and offers dedicated iOS and Android mobile app.
  4. 1XBet: Get up to 1,500 EURO bonus, offers a choice of Indian currency and Hindi language, VIP loyalty program, and also offers Andar Bahar game.
  5. Dafabet: Grab your 100 % deposit bonus up to INR 8,000, offers daily & weekly promotions, and provides 24×7 customer support.
  6. 22BET: Get up to INR 25,000 bonus, offers choice of Indian currency and Hindi language, offers Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and Jhandi Munda, and offers mobile casino as well as sports app.
  7. Bodog: Offers INR 15,000 welcome bonus with no deposit and up to INR 50,000 deposit bonus, various cricket betting options, no amount limitation on withdrawals, and provides 24×7 customer support.
Rules of Teen Patti You Must Know

As much as you are required to know the basics of the game, you must also know the rules to play, because in these rules only lies the secret of winning!

Online Teen Patti starts with every player contributing the decided boot money and getting 3 cards face down. The bet starts from the player sitting on the left side of the dealer or next person in the clockwise direction. The players can bet after seeing their cards or can simply do blind bet without seeing their cards.

Certainly, the player who has seen their cards, ‘Seen Player’ has more potential of playing around, while the ‘Blind Player’, who hasn’t seen the cards places the half of the bet amount of the bet money of the Seen Player(s). Hence, based on seeing or not seeing the cards, players place a bet, call for raise or call for fold.

Blind Player:

When there’s only one opponent left to the Blind Player, he/she can ask for a Show. This ‘Show’ reveals the cards of both the players and the highest-ranking cards holder wins.

Here the opponent can also refuse to the ‘Show’ for two requests, while on the 3rd request, the opponent will be obliged to show the cards. On the other hand, if the Seen Player asks the other Seen Player for the show, when only two of them are remaining in the game, the bet will rise to 2 times of the current bet.

Seen Player:

Seen Players has the power to ask for the Side Show to compare your cards with the cards of the previous players. But this is only applicable if the previous players are Seen Players and these previous players also have a choice to accept or reject your request.

Here, on the acceptance of the request, whoever has the lower rank cards between the Seen Player and previous player will fold the cards, and other one will continue playing.

This increases the bet amount to two times of the current bet.  Blind Player cannot ask for the Side Show, and then it doesn’t even make sense for a blind player.

Learn to Win in Teen Patti

Though Teen Patti appears to be a game of Chance & Skill, but only players know that it is moreover a game of wit, understanding of human behaviour and sheer art of bluffing. Indeed, these three aspects can make you go a long way and win really big in the game.

Follow these tips like Guru Mantras:

  1. Read your opponent and behaviour carefully and flexibility, and don’t let them read yours. Appear neutral and strong.
  2. Psychological play is real play; irrespective of your card strength, you need to try to mentally overpower your opponents by constantly playing confident bets.
  3. Believe in the smartness of your opponent.
  4. Playing Blind is a risk but also gives you immense power to take away the confidence of your opponents, which will simply weaken the opponents with lower-ranking cards and compel them to fold up.
  5. Side Show for a Seen Player can work as a magic if they have high ranking cards, while again giving player immense confidence, as those having weak hand will simply fold.
  6. Start with lower bets and increase gradually based on your game.
  7. Practice makes a player perfect, like always.
  8. In the end, don’t get carried away in the game! Listen to your intuitions and practical mind to stop playing when there’s a strong inner calling for it.

All of these define your individual winning potential in Teen Patti, it is rarely dependant on the cards you have. A smart player can win amazingly even with the weak hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab and absorb this information and join my Casino Train. Start with practicing with free gaming and win the cash through Online Teen Patti across these online gambling platforms.

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